*STOTT PILATES® trained Reformer Instructor
*STOTT PILATES® trained Mat Instructor
*324 hrs Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Hṛdayam Teacher Training Programme with Dario Calvaruso
*Holistic Wellness: Certified Course on Yogic Nutrition and Lifestyle with Dario Calvaruso

“You can get anything you want in life when there is a will.

Always stay humble, always stay open; trust and have faith, transform to be your very best self, mentally and physically.”

Always with love and compassion, Shirley is grateful to share her passion for yoga, pilates, fitness, nature, wellness, lifestyle and much more.

Her classes are fun, powerful and heartfelt. She inspires all her students to progress through their self-discovery and well-being journey.

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