10 Post Natal Workouts With Baby Carrier

September 12, 2017

It is not because you are pregnant that you have to let it go! You are pregnant. You know your body will change a lot due to many reasons. For instance morning sickness, swollen extremities, the increasing of meals per day, the relaxin hormones production, the lack of workout, etc. and you know you have to do some exercises.

However how can you workout? As of now you think it is too late. Only few weeks to go. You’ve still done nothing! It is true that the last months of your pregnancy are great to have a rest.  You can sleep, you can watch TV.  You can enjoy Tea set in our wonderful hotel in Hong-Kong. However I know most of you can’t have a rest because of many reasons: you are busy, you work, you have muscle pain and your hormones are at their maximum level. You can’t even find a position to sleep. Above all of this you start to ask yourself so many post-natal question. You deliver soon and now it is time to think about what happen after the delivery?  I think you wonder yourself  “Will I sleep? Will I go out again with my friends? Will I workout? Will I come back in shape quickly?” The answer to the last question is YES. YES you can workout. We you can do Pilates. Yes you can do Fitness. However how we can make it?

Let’s get prepared!

Once approved by your doctor to re start workout, let’s go and don’t wait. If not now you will never start. Usually you can workout about 6 weeks after delivery including C-section and normal delivery.

Here is the program to workout within 6 months after delivery whatever the physical condition of your abs, your back, of your perinea. As well we will strengthen those parts.

It is 6 months maximum because you have to do with you baby and a good baby carrier. And then the baby to carry will start to be heavy, trust me!

You just finished breastfeeding it is 9.15am. Let’s start at 9.30am for 45 – minute. You baby will fall asleep in the carrier and will love it! If you did not sleep all night long you may workout at the end of afternoon. It is a good option because it is just before bath time of you babies. And then you wont have enough time.

Let’s workout!

The program will include 10 workouts with baby in carrier:

  1. cardio arm to tip toes warm up
  2. lunges
  3. squat
  4. bridge
  5. bar push up
  6. reverse push-up
  7. baby crunches
  8. shoulder arms press
  9. calf raise
  10. stretching

Now if you want to know all of the aforementioned workouts, just contact us at info@www.anhao-wellness.com and ask for the post natal program. It will be one-hour session one on one with Estelle. The price is 1000 HKD for this special session.

Just start now!


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